We currently work with schools from coast to coast, but openings are still available. To see if you qualify (and to receive your FREE school evaluation), fill out the inquiry form.

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    Our mission is to help Taekwondo dojangs thrive in business while bringing incredible benefits to students. We focus on Taekwondo, we love Taekwondo and we want to help you grow Taekwondo in your community.

    What’s Included

    Teleconferences / Webinars

    Log in and join us LIVE twice per month for an informative and timely teleconferences/webinars. We provide reminders and steps by step procedures for seasonal marketing and special events. Plus ongoing education in sales, operations, and student retention. You can let your staff members join the call as well, making it perfect for staff training!

    Live Events

    Our conferences and bootcamps allow you to gain the newest information, network with other top TKD Professionals, and increase your motivation. Our events are exclusively for Taekwondo masters and instructors, allowing you to connect with others who share your experiences and passion.

    Private Facebook Group

    Facebook also provides a convenient way for our members to ask questions and get feedback from both our headquarters team and other TKD Pro members. No more trying to come up with all the answers yourself. Help is just a click away!

    Members Only Resource Site

    The perfect online library for any TKD school. Hundreds of videos and documents all specifically designed to help you to gain and retain hundreds of happy students and a highly skilled staff to take care of them. These are the systems that the top dojangs around the country are using!

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    I am blown away by the quality and what is offered with this. Exactly what I need and have been looking for.

    Master Chris Heiser - Absolute TaeKwonDo

    One of my favorite tools that TKD professionals give is their extensive website with hundreds of videos. There are videos for everyone on your staff, including special event videos and materials, making it an all around tool to make your school and all your staff truly World Class.

    Master Vicki McDowell - Master P’s World Class Tae Kwon Do

    Resources Only a Click Away…

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    About Us

    Grandmaster Sun Ki Chong

    Co-Founder and President

    “There has never been a better opportunity to be in the Taekwondo industry than right now. Our mission is to provide dojang owners with the resources they need to meet the challenges of operating in today’s fast changing business world. We can help schools owners to reach their goals while staying true to their principles and to the traditions of Taekwondo.”

    Master Michael J Mertens

    Co-Founder and Executive Director

    “I am passionate about ‘giving back’ to the martial art that changed my life. I find it tremendously rewarding to help schools increase in professionalism, service, and contribution to their communities.”

    TKD Professional Members experience Incredible Success

    Master Wonchul Jung – Jeong’s Family Taekwondo

    The service and the value that Taekwondo Professionals provide is excellent is an understatement. Jeong’s Family Taekwondo is planning to open up 3rd location and it wouldn’t have been possible without them. Everything you need to run a Taekwondo school is there. For example tutorial videos for staff training, videos for special event planning, marketing materials and much more.

    Grandmaster Karen Brown – Hanmi Tae Kwon Do Center

    I have been a member of Taekwondo Professionals for over 6 years now and always find something new that I can use at my school. The videos, Web design, Seminars, marketing material and ideas paired with a knowledgeable and supportive staff have helped grow my school to over 400 students. It’s not all about numbers, we have improved our service on the mat and in the office as well. Happy students and families make a successful school. Thank you Taekwondo Professionals!

    Mia Lee – Yong In Master Lee’s Tae Kwon Do

    Since 2010 when I joined TKD Professionals, it has been the true compass that leads me where to go and what to do to make my school successful. Before I knew this TKD Professionals, I was in the middle of huge ocean and lost my way and I didn’t know how I could make my school better with 120 students. TKD Professionals has been my unique and genuine compass giving me the right direction, and my school has grown up to 850 students with two locations now. I cannot imagine my success without TKD Professionals.

    The Taekwondo Professionals® website has been and continues to be a great resource for our organization. Whether we are looking for new marketing ideas, staff training, operational documents, or recordings of the teleconference calls, the Taekwondo Professionals website has it all.

    Angie Perrier

    Tiger Kim’s World Class Tae Kwon Do - Clemmons, NC

    We have been receiving big picture ideas and direction from the World Class Seminars. The coaching program gives us the details to put these ideas into action. We had 80 students when we attended our first World Class Seminar in 2015. 3 years later, we have 270 active members in Flushing, New York. TKD Professionals has changed our mindset and now we are ready to take on a new challenge.

    Regina Im

    Korea Taekwondo

    Here’s what happened since we have joined y’alls group: We started at about 183 students, we are now more than 300. We have more than 45-50 trials in process at the moment. We have signed an additional 45-50 new campers for the summer Projections:  We are expecting to finish the summer with more than 350, and hoping to have about 400 around the end of September. These are all new number for us, so THANK Y’ALL.

    John Cantu

    ICON Martial Arts

    I’ve used Taekwondo Professionals coaching program for the past one year. There are so many resources on the website. I find it helpful for learning how to develop a team driven dojang through the Taekwondo Professionals coaching program.

    Master Jason Hwang

    Hwang's Taekwondo Center - Beverly Hills, CA

    We are very excited to watch all of the videos from the professional website. We play the videos during our instructor meetings. Our managers watch all of the managerial videos and the instructors from the floor watch the ones that help them increase their knowledge as well. That helps us manage our time better.

    Master Y. Kim

    WCTKD - Wentzville, MO

    Master Mertens and the Taekwondo Professional team truly set the bar at the highest standard when it comes to developing practical resources for you to develop your school. They provide hands on training seminars, bi-monthly teleconferences, a large cache of staff development videos, and their materials that will improve the way you communicate with your staff, students and parents. Anyone of those services are good enough, but to have them all… it’s truly like having business development consultants with you every day.

    Thomas Sroka

    San Jose, CA

    Taekwondo Professionals continues to provide enormous value to our dojang. Not only does it provide a forward-thinking vision for the school owners, but practical resources like posters and check lists for our managers and teleconferences and videos to help equip our instructors with skills for the mat. It’s like we have another staff member on our team! Throughout the year, the Taekwondo Professionals conferences also provide us with an opportunity to network with others in our field.

    Jessica Scarsella

    Birmingham, AL

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    We currently work with schools from coast to coast, but openings are still available. To see if you qualify (and to receive your FREE school evaluation), fill out the inquiry form below.

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