June 3-4, 2022 | Buffalo, NY

2022 Presentations

Master Michael Mertens

Featured Speaker
50 Staff Meeting Ideas in 50 Minutes!
  • The 5 things that have to happen at every staff meeting
  • New ways of thinking about how to review curriculum with your staff
  • How to avoid the most common “traps” that take the energy out of a meeting
  • Creating meetings that you love to run and staff look forward to attending
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Weekly staff meetings are essential to develop staff members who deliver consistent service. But, coming up with meaningful content week after week can be challenging. This seminar give you a format you can apply and plenty of sample topics, activities and drills that you can use to improve and inspire your staff.

Master Mertens is a multi-school owner and industry leader who has personally mentored some of the most successful Masters and Instructors in the U.S. He has presented at seminars around the country and is considered one of the leading experts on martial arts marketing and sales.

[PDF] of 50 Staff Meeting Ideas in 50 Minutes

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Grandmaster Ryan Andrachik

Multiple Locations: Build Your Empire!
  • Developing instructors to teach at your locations
  • Developing managers to run your locations
  • Institute Systems to control your locations
  • The Marketing we use to pack our locations
  • Opening additional locations without damaging your first one
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Grand Master Ryan Andrachik, director of MA School Builder, is the owner of Asian Sun Martial Arts, spanning 8 locations throughout Northeast Ohio. With over 2500 students, Asian Sun Martial Arts has grown to be one of the largest martial arts schools in Ohio over the past 25 years. If you have thought in the past that opening more schools is out of reach, Grand Master Andrachik will show you how you can boost your success with more locations, more students, and less stress. Master Andrachik will show you the proven systems and methods that have enabled his schools to prosper while helping you to avoid many of the mistakes most martial arts schools owners make, just like he did when he went from one school to eight!

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Master David Higgins

Big Events! Even Bigger Results!
  • Announcements and how they need to change from six weeks out to the week of the event
  • Poster and flyer design tips
  • Gift ideas that reward student participation
  • Training Staff for event roles & responsibilities
  • The Special Offers that get the best results
  • Winning strategies for handling enrollments on the day of your event
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Master David Higgins is the Co-Owner of Master Yang’s World Class Tae Kwon Do and operates two locations in Austin, Texas serving over 800 students.

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Grandmaster Sung Kim

To Black Belt and Beyond!
  • Understanding the psychology of why students quit martial arts
  • Developing your curriculum to keep your students
  • Building loyalty in your staff and families
  • How to keep middle-schoolers motivated in your program
  • How giving back to the community aids in preserving your student count
  • The Master Kim’s Scholarship Fund and keeping your high school members
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Testing 300 black belts every four months, Grandmaster Kim has developed a successful system of retaining his students.

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Master Tony Kook

Small School Success – 80 to 550 students in 1,700 square feet
  • Master Tony Kook will explain his simple, yet effective enrollment system to help you explode in student growth
  • Learn a very effective communication tool that will dramatically increase your enrollments and student retention
  • Learn how to use “Magical Moments” in class and special events to improve retention and high referrals
Additional Information

The Martial Arts industry standard is widely accepted to be approximately 100 students per 1,000 square feet. Now imagine if your Taekwondo academy could double or even triple this? Contrary to popular belief, you do not need large square footage to have large numbers and Master Kook will show you how he has helped countless clubs go from 100 to 500 students. In this seminar, you will learn techniques and tips that will help you go from less than 100 to over 500 students in less than 2,000 square feet and make a tremendous positive impact in your community.

Master Tony Kook is the current owner of North Shore Taekwondo, West Vancouver Taekwondo, and East Vancouver Taekwondo.Under his direct supervision and his wonderful staff of instructors, his schools have helped thousands of Lower Mainland residents enjoy the many benefits that come from Taekwondo training. Master Tony Kook has 32 years experience in Taekwondo, and is a 2 time Canadian National Lightweight Champion

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Master Somi Parks

How we built our relationships with 18 local schools!
  • What Pro Taekwondo School offered schools when they first started partnering with schools
  • What Pro Taekwondo School offers and provides to the schools now
  • The tried and proven ways to win the schools over
  • Testimonials from teachers and principals
  • A trick on how to get into those “tough” schools
  • The secret key to the schools’ hearts
Additional Information
Somi Parks is a Program Director for Pro Taekwondo School in Gainesville, FL. In the past decade, she has helped expand Pro Taekwondo School’s partnership from 4 partner schools to 18.

[PDF] of the Presentation

Master Justin Scarsella

Your Tae Kwon Do Dojang Vs. The Metaverse
  • Modern and Future-Proof Marketing
  • What Type of Technology Should Be Used in Your Dojang & Why
  • How to Use Technology to Enhance Classroom Teaching and Not Replace Your Instructors
  • The Future of Special Events & How Tech Can Increase Success
  • MetaSuccess Formula- Using Technology for Retention, Recruitment & Revenue Stream
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Parents and families are busier and more over-extended than ever. From multiple activities per day with multiple children, to stuck in traffic, to deciding between homeschool, public or private schools and somehow fitting in vacations throughout the year, we as martial art schools sometimes feel like we are one of their last priorities. How do we become more important in our students’ lives and a bigger part of our local communities? Find out innovative methods from Master Scarsella from Birmingham, AL, who own and operate 2 dojangs with more than 500 students!

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Master Pam Sroka

Creating Long Term Relationships with Staff
  • Stop the revolving door, create win win relationships with your staff!
  • What is your and your staff’s greater purpose?
  • Cultivate a culture of growth through mistakes and failure.
  • People first status second.
  • Improve yourself psychologically and emotionally so you can lead the way!
Additional Information

Pamela Sroka is the owner of World Class TaeKwonDo in San Jose CA. She along with her husband operate one school with over 700 students.

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Jennifer Parlier

Enjoying your Enrollment Process
  • From setup to Signup
  • The Power of Language
  • Presentation with Passion
Additional Information

Jennifer Parlier is the senior manager at Master Shim’s World Class Tae Kwon Do with ten years of experience. Master Shim’s first opened in 2005, and now has four thriving schools around the Atlanta area providing Tae Kwon Do training for over 1000 students.

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