April 4-5, 2019 | Buffalo, NY

The TKD field Is Constantly Changing…

Here’s what you can expect to learn at this year’s TKD Pro National Convention


Your chance to learn what’s working now from successful school operators enrolling hundreds of students each year.


We can show you how to balance fun classes with attention to detail so that you can create both students and a business that you are proud of.


Today’s customer is more educated and prepared than ever before. You need to know how to communicate your message effectively and passionately.


Cultivate meaningful relationships and exchange information and ideas among managers, instructors, and school owners.

EXCLUSIVELY for Taekwondo Dojang Owners and Staff.
100% focused on practical, ready to use information from presenters who run their own highly successful schools. It’s the one weekend that will benefit your business all year long!
This is the must attend event off the year if you are looking to grow your school, increase your motivation, and network with TKD colleagues and industry experts.

2019 Speakers

Grandmaster Sun Ki Chong

Keynote Speaker
Grandmaster Chong is the founder of World Class Tae Kwon Do, a national organization with 30 affiliated schools and over 12,000 students. He is known for his passion for teaching, attention to detail, and his ability to motivate and coach instructors and masters of all levels. With forty years of experience in the martial arts industry, Grandmaster Chong has personally experienced several “waves” of change. His schools continue to thrive because he has discovered the rock solid foundations that lead to a successful long term organization.


Teaching Students to Love Learning Fundamentals
  • Physical review of foundational Tae Kwon Do techniques and principles
  • Keeping students engaged with specific level appropriate challenges
  • How to create a passion for attention to detail that motivates students to improve
  • The secret to maintaining YOUR excitement while teaching students of any level
The Multiple Benefits of Proper Sparring Training
  • How to introduce sparring to lower ranking students
  • Proven drills to give students a feel for sparring while building confidence and maintaining safety
  • Helping adults to gain self defense skills through sparring
  • Why sparring is an invaluable tool for teaching life skills

Master Michael Mertens

Featured Speaker
Master Mertens is a veteran school owner and industry leader who has personally mentored some of the most successful Masters and Instructors in the U.S. He has presented at seminars around the country and is considered one of the leading experts on martial arts marketing and sales.


How to Create a Sustainable Community in Your School
  • Storytelling vs Salesmanship: The future of martial arts enrollment
  • 5 keys for effective retention based events
  • 3 Must have Instructor/Parent communication tools
  • What your staff need to know about the real foundation of teamwork and communication
  • What student surveys tell us are the greatest needs and wants of our students
My Top 5 Biggest Staffing Mistakes and How I Fixed Them
  • The most important element to selecting a potential staff member
  • Why some teams are destined for conflict and failure before they even start
  • How you can take a struggling team and get them back on track
  • What YOU as a leader need to be extremely careful of to avoid demotivating your staff

Master Jun Kyu Kim

Master Jun Kyu Kim is a successful instructor and competition coach based in Greenville, South Carolina. He is passionate about teaching high quality Tae Kwon Do, creating a positive energy atmosphere, and ensuring that every class meets the needs of his students. He is also dedicated to creating systems and tools to help the next generation of instructors and masters to teach more systematically and effectively.


Maximize your student and Black Belt retention through instruction that is organized, focused, and progressive
  • CLASS = Character Building, Learning, Attitude, Smile, Sweat, Safety
  • How to design curriculum for Little Tigers, 1st Dan-4th Dan Black Belts, Leadership, and Competition Team Programs.
  • The 8-Week Teaching format: Disguise fundamentals and repetition
  • Partner Drills- The secret to World Class TKD success.
  • Creating a class schedule that allows you to deliver the service your students want consistently
  • Teamwork: Running a team driven school that students love and that grows the skills of your staff at the same time.

Note: This presentation will be offered in Korean only

Master Mark Wright

Master Mark Wright is the Director of Operations for Tiger Kim’s World Class Taekwondo with five locations in North Carolina and one in South Carolina. Their continued expansion has been based on the strength and longevity of their staff.


Grow your Team…Expand your Opportunities
  • The most important conditions you need to provide to attract and retain skilled staff
  • How to educate your staff and provide long term futures for them
  • Effectively sharing your vision and setting team goals
  • Managing your results and taking control of your financial future
  • How the leader ultimately determines the level of success that your school achieves

Master Harrison Chan

Master Harrison Chan from Toronto, Canada, is the president of 6 locations under the founder of OMAC, Grand Master Hyung Chul Kim. He currently has one of the most successful After school Programs in the nation, with over 60 staff members and a student count of over 2000 members. Master Chan will share his outrageous work ethic, both mentally and physically that allowed him to grow his organization from one location to six within just a ten year span.


Designing your School and Your Life for Explosive Growth
  • The compelling story of how it all began
  • Congruency between vision, brand and belief
  • Mega Branding and distinguishing not only your business but who you are from the rest of the pack
  • How to grow your after-school program from 0-70 students in your first year of operation and dominate your market area.
  • The daily rituals of workout routine, gratitude, scheduling, and focused time blocks that lead to energy, productive work, and family life balance

Master Chris Berlow

Master Chris Berlow has been training in Taekwondo for over 35 years, and has competed at the national and international level. He is a principal of United Martial Arts Centers, where he owns two successful schools in Westchester, NY, with a third school under his tutelage.


How to stand out and be uncommon in the martial arts industry
  • How much do you love your students?
  • The secret to why some students stay and others quit.
  • Eight ways to be uncommon and stand out from all other martial arts schools
  • How to develop your personal “Why” statement and share it with the world
  • Create an enrollment experience that connects to families at an emotional level, thereby inspiring action

Master Chan Lee

Master Chan Lee is a 2nd generation Tae Kwon Do teacher, who learned from his father, Grandmaster Jae Kyu Lee. He has been trained by the Verbal Defense Institute to teach children on how to deal with conflict and has presented those concepts to over 20,000 school children. He currently runs his family’s Tae Kwon Do school in Milwaukee, WI. They currently run six dojangs with over 2000 students. In addition, Master Lee has built three freestanding buildings for his schools. His philosophy for his organization’s success is that, “to be the ultimate teacher you have to be the ultimate student. Always be learning”.


The Complete Guide to turn Leads into Prospect and Prospects into Students
  • Basic strategies to get and keep the attention of your modern prospects in today’s busy world
  • How to best educate trial members on the value and benefits that Tae Kwon Do can provide for them
  • Learn how to nurture your leads to turn them into motivated prospects that become lifetime students

Master Emerson Wong

Master Emerson Wong is well known for his expertise in creating viral media since 2001, well before Youtube and any existence of media sharing sites and social media. Master Wong is also an expert on Internet marketing and search optimization. His martial arts team Team Ryouko commanded millions of downloads around the World, taking down internet servers. His martial arts school Pulse Academy is known Worldwide with a social media following of over 10,000 and dozens of videos totaling over 300 million views. Master Wong will show you how to create engaging content and build up your social media profile and following. He will also reveal his secret on how you can outrank a majority of your competition on Google listings for next to nothing!


Google & Social Media Dominance
  • What makes engaging social media content
  • The importance of your social media follow ratio
  • How to effortlessly plan your posts and when to post them
  • Timeline and profile posts vs. story posts and creating content for each
  • Get to the top of Google listings spending next to nothing by just social media posting

Pamela Sroka

Thomas Sroka

Mr. and Mrs. Sroka, owners of World Class Tae Kwon Do in San Jose, operate one of the largest schools in California. They enrolled over 90 students in their first month of operation, and now run a dojang with over 650 students. They realized the best way to grow their school and their staff was to show them how much they C.A.R.E about them. Come and find out strategies and stories that will enhance your understanding and experience with your staff and students. Create more opportunities to build longer lasting relationships to truly share the benefits of Tae Kwon Do.


How to Grow and Maintain a Mega School
  • 15 Minutes and the 5 Whys
  • Transparency = Trust
  • Feeling and Emotions: Do I have to?
  • Not Good, Not Bad… Just Learning
  • Treat you students and staff with C.A.R.E.

Master Ali Ghafour

Master William Sexton

The founders of 20/20 Armor are veterans of the taekwondo sport, art, and business. This team of multi-time US and Canadian national team members operates 6 schools between them with over 1,700 students, and has dedicated themselves to developing the technology to revolutionize the way that martial artists around the world spar. Masters Sexton and Ghafour will show you how sparring can be reversed from a business risk to the most valuable piece of your program for student retention.


Attract, Retain, and Thrive: Using 20/20 Armor to Change The Way Your Students Think About Sparring (Sponsored Presentation)
  • The vehicles martial arts schools have to deliver the effects on students we all advertise.
  • The 3 reasons why sparring is currently ineffective in your schools.
  • Speaking kids’ language through video games.
  • How 20/20 Armor makes your classes exciting and keeps your students wanting to keep coming back each day.
  • Attracting new students by using video game technology to your advantage.
  • Using 20/20 Armor for in house tournaments and other income generating events.

2019 Agenda

Friday, April 5th 

12:00-1:30pm Registration

1:30-2:30pm Welcome

ROOM A:  Instructors Tom and Pam Sroka: How to Grow and Maintain a Mega School
ROOM B:  Master Chris Berlow: How to Stand Out and be Uncommon in the Martial Arts Industry

ROOM A:  Harrison Chan – Designing your School and your Life for Explosive Growth
ROOM B:  Emerson Wong – Google & Social Media Dominance

ROOM A:  Master Michael Mertens – How to Create a Sustainable Community in Your School
ROOM B:  Master Mark Wright – Multiple Location Success

6:30-7:00pm Taekwondo Professionals Presentation

6:30-8:00pm Dinner

8:00-10:00pm Evening Networking

Saturday, April 6th 

8:00-8:45am Breakfast

Note: Attendees should plan to be in TKD Uniforms for the morning session

8:45-9:45am  Grandmaster Sun Ki Chong: Teaching Students to Love Learning Fundamentals

10:00-11:00am  Grandmaster Sun Ki Chong: The Multiple Benefits of Proper Sparring Training 

11:15-12:15pm  Masters Ali Ghafour and Wil Sexton: Attract, Retain, and Thrive – Using 20/20 Armor to Change The Way Your Students Think About Sparring (Sponsored Presentation)

12:15-12:30 Group Photo

12:30-1:30pm Lunch

ROOM A:  Owners Roundtable
ROOM B:  Staff Roundtable

2:45-3:45pm  Master Michael Mertens: How I fixed my Top 5 Biggest Staffing Mistakes

ROOM A:  Master Chan Lee – The Complete Lead to Prospect to Student System
ROOM B:  Master Jun Kyu Kim – Maximize your Student and Black Belt Retention (session will be in Korean)



Additional Staff $299 each

Your Ticket to the TKD Professionals National Convention Includes

  • Full Access to 2 Days of proven marketing, up to date sales methods, modern classroom management, and team building systems.
  • The opportunity to meet and speak with some of the leading dojang operators in the country
  • The chance to network with other positive, passionate, and dedicated instructors

What School Owners are saying about the TKD Professionals National Convention…

“I attended the 2018 Tae Kwon Do Professionals seminar and I have nothing but good things to say about it. I walked away with a notebook full of practical, easy to implement ideas on how to grow and improve my school. Not only will I be attending next year, I will bring my instructors as well.”
Master Bob Kistner

Dover Dragons TKD

“The convention was incredibly helpful because each of the speakers talked about ideas that we currently do, but had a different “spin” to it. Implementing those ideas was a game changer for our school, and helped in so many ways. Our staff learned how small changes could make a BIG difference. I would recommend that all TKD school owners and staff members attend this great event.”
Master Jung Hoon Moon

Master Moon’s World Class Tae Kwon Do

“The conference was an eye-opening experience for us. The hosts and speakers were open to discussing and sharing their personal experiences with the attendees. I think the Tae kwon Do Professionals conference is a great opportunity to not only enhance your business, but to also a reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses. We have seen great improvement and results since attending!”
Master Nam Kim

Elite TOMA Martial Arts


Attend the 2019 TKD Professionals Convention for 2 full days, and if you don’t agree that it was immediately valuable and useful for your school you can receive a full refund of your tuition.

Host Hotel: Buffalo Marriott Niagara

Arrive with ease from Buffalo Niagara International Airport courtesy of their free shuttle service. Enjoy comfort in all of their rooms and suites with complimentary Wi-Fi, luxurious bedding and flat-screen TVs. Maintain your regular workout routine at their fitness center and indoor pool.




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