Taekwondo Professionals
Coaching Program

Increase your number of students, improve the skills of your staff, and make running your school exciting and rewarding.

Members Only Library

Unlimited access to over 500 items for immediate use including:

1. Marketing Artwork (ads,  banners, postcard designs)
2. Special Event Promotional Material and “How to” Guides (Bring a Friend Events, Parents Workshop, Elementary school programs, and much more)
3. They are ready to download and customize and will save you hours of time and effort.

Dozens of videos that will let train your staff quickly and easily, including:

  • 7 Habits for World Class Instructors
  • Tips for Capturing Students Attention
  • Resolving Parent/Student Complaints
  • Floor Reminders for Assistant Instructors
  • 3 Rules for better Trial Lessons
  • Best Methods for Time Management
  • Keys to Better Walk-In Presentations
  • Front Desk Best Practices (4 part series)
  • Resolving Complaints
  • Little Tigers Workshop
  • Trial Lesson Rules
  • What are you Feeding your Mind
  • Bring a Friend Day
  • Dad and Me Class
  • Parents Workshop
  • and MANY MORE!


Log in and join us LIVE twice per month for an informative and timely  teleconference.  We provide reminders and steps by step procedures for seasonal marketing and special events.  Plus ongoing education in sales, operations, and student retention. You can let your staff members join the call as well, making it perfect for staff training!

Members Only Facebook Group

We use Facebook to provide quick tips to our members. You will receive videos on classroom management, instructor training, sales and marketing. Facebook also provides a convenient way for our members to ask questions and get feedback from both our headquarters team and other TKD Pro members. No more trying to come up with all the answers yourself. Help is just a click away!

Live Event Discounts

You will receive advance notice, and discounted rates on on annual Business Bootcamp and TKD Professional Seminar.

Exclusive Territory Protection

Because of the extreme competitive advantage that being a member of Tae Kwon Do Professionals provides, we are only able to accept one member per market. We have dozens of satisfied members, but there are still many areas still available. To see if you qualify and to receive your FREE school evaluation. Please fill out the inquiry form below and a Tae Kwon Do Professional Team member will contact you shortly.

 Proven Leadership & Proven Results

Sun Ki Chong

Co-Founder and President

Former 5x U.S. National Team coach and International lecturer

“There has never been a better opportunity to be in the Tae Kwon Do industry than right now. Our mission is to provide dojang owners with the resources they need to meet the challenges of operating in today’s fast changing business world. We can help schools owners to reach their goals while staying true to their principles and to the traditions of Tae Kwon Do.”

Michael Mertens

Co-Founder and Executive Director

National Seminar Speaker and Business Coach

“I am passionate about ‘giving back’ to the martial art that changed my life. I find it tremendously rewarding to help schools increase in professionalism, service, and contribution to their communities.”

Andy Chong

Instructor Development Specialist

Head Coach of Multiple Champion Demonstration Teams

“I’m excited to share the mindsets and systems that our team has developed to teach quality martial arts and change lives at the same time. Our instructor development systems create teachers who are great communicators, high energy performers and who love to teach.”


Contact us for more information on becoming a Coaching Member:

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