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11/08/19 Teleconference: Family Add Ons and Extra Referrals

11/08/19 Marketing: Holiday Letter and Gift Certificate

11/01/19 Teaching: Post Testing Speeches

11/01/19 Staff Training: Sexual Harassment Prevention

10/25/19 Marketing: VIP Poster

10/25/19 Marketing: Family Month Winter Poster and Flyer

10/18/19 Teleconferences: Best Staff Development Day Ever!

10/04/19 Teleconferences: Growth through Staff Development?

10/04/19 Special Events: Halloween Poster and Flyer

09/20/19 Teleconferences: Is Selling Still Necessary?

09/06/19 Teleconferences: Educational Selling with Master Tony Chung

09/06/19 Marketing: Road Sign Signage

08/30/19 Marketing: Open House Poster and Flyer

08/30/19 Special Events: Tournament Host Letters

08/23/19 Teleconferences: 5 Ways you can TEACH in your local Elementary schools

08/16/19 Seminars and Workshops: How to Create a Sustainable Community in your School

08/09/19 Teleconferences: Proven Back To School Marketing Ideas with Master Chan Lee

08/09/19 Marketing: PTA/PTO Communication Tools

07/26/19 Teleconferences: Back to School Marketing Campaign Ideas with Jennifer Parlier

07/26/19 Summer Camp: Special Offer for Non-TKD Summer Campers (click on the Non-TKD Students tab)

07/19/19 Seminars and Workshops: The Multiple Benefits of Proper Sparring Training

07/19/19 Operation Documents: No Jewelry Sign

07/12/19 Teleconferences: What TKD Professionals should know about working with local PE teachers

07/05/19 Seminars and Workshops: How to stand out and be uncommon in the martial arts industry

07/05/19 Seminars and Workshops: Grow your Team…Expand your Opportunities

06/28/19 Teleconferences: What I Learned at the EFC Mpower Summit

06/21/19 Summer Camp: Summer Camp Staff Orientation Video

06/21/19 Summer Camp: Summer Camp Counselor Expectations Document

06/14/19 Teleconferences: Summer Family Add-On Strategies

06/07/19 Teleconferences: Your Questions Answered

06/07/19 Marketing: Family Month Poster and Flyer

05/31/19 Teaching: Full Length Life Skills Manual and Introduction Video

05/24/19 Teleconferences: Event Booth Success…Places, People and Process

05/24/19 Seminars and Workshops: Google and Social Media Dominance

05/17/19 Seminars and Workshops: My Top 5 Biggest Staffing Mistakes and How I Fixed Them

05/17/19 Marketing: All Star Phys Ed Program Certificate Update

05/10/19 Teleconferences: How to Run a Highly Successful Board Break-a-Thon for a Local Charity

05/10/19 Special Events: Board Break-a-Thon Corporate Sponsorship Packet

05/03/19 Seminars and Workshops: The Complete Guide to turn Leads into Prospect and Prospects into Students

05/03/19 Personal Development: Tribal Leadership

04/26/19 Teleconferences: Mom and Me Class Tips

04/26/19 Seminars and Workshops: Designing your School and Your Life for Explosive Growth

04/19/19 Teaching: Testing Day Speeches

04/19/19 Special Events: Mother’s Day Promo Materials

04/12/19 Teleconference: Post Conference To Do Lists

04/12/19 Seminars and Workshops: How to Build and Maintain a Mega School

03/29/19 Teleconference: Guidelines for Effective Staff Meetings

03/22/19 Teleconference: Interview with Master Harrison Chan

03/15/19 Summer Camp: New Crafts Added (in the Food Crafts, General Crafts, and Science Crafts tabs)

03/08/19 Teleconference: How to Really Grow Your School’s Staff

03/01/19 Summer Camp: New Crafts Added (in the Food Crafts, General Crafts, and Science Crafts tabs)

02/22/19 Teaching: Tips for Implementing and Running a Great Family Class Program [FB LIVE] (in the Videos tab)

02/15/19 Teaching: The 3 Step Process to Transform Student Service at your Dojang – Part Two (in the Teleconferences tab)

02/01/19 Teaching:  The 3 Step Process to Transform Student Service at your Dojang – Part One (in the Teleconferences tab)

01/25/19 Teleconference:  Interview with Multi School Owner Master Chan Lee

01/18/19 Personal Development:  Building Your Dojang Through Better Habits (in the Videos tab)

01/11/19 Teleconference:  How to Improve Your Goal Setting Process

01/04/19 Teleconference:  Successful Owners Share their 2019 Marketing Calendar

12/21/18 Personal Development:  An Important New Year’s Message: Connection, Connection, Connection (in the Videos tab)

01/04/19 Special Events:  Awards Banquet Award Presentation Scripts

12/21/18 Webinar/Teleconference:  Habits of Champion Instructors Part 2

12/21/18 Personal Development:  On the Value of Wasting Time and Mental Downtime (in the Videos tab)

12/21/18 Marketing:  Little Tigers Buddy Bash Materials

12/14/18 Webinar/Teleconference:  Habits of Champion Instructors

12/14/18 Teaching:  The Deeper Meaning of Lining Up

12/14/18 Marketing:  Self Defense Flyer

12/07/18 Marketing:  Scouts Group Flyers

12/07/18 Personal Development:  Why the Secret to Success is Setting the Right Goals (in the Videos tab)

12/07/18 Marketing:  Day Care Program Letters

11/30/18 Webinar/Teleconference:  100 Students in a 100 Days

11/30/18 Teaching: What are you trying to say to students when you count during class (in the Videos tab)

11/30/18 Marketing:  Birthday Party Materials

11/16/18 Marketing:  Family Month Poster and Flyer

11/16/18 Marketing:  Demonstration/Presentation Flyer

11/09/18 Webinar/Teleconference:  Controlling for the X Factor

11/02/18 Marketing:  Testimonial Video Contest Poster

11/02/18 Marketing:  Holiday Mailer Letter Alternate Version

10/26/18 Webinar/Teleconference:  Creating Referrals and Goodwill with a Holiday Mailer

10/26/18 Marketing:  Holiday Mailer Letter for 2018

10/26/18 Marketing:  Testimonial Contest

10/19/18 Teaching:  Rank Expectations Video Series by Grand Master Chong

10/12/18 Webinar/Teleconference:  How to CRUSH IT with a Holiday Sale

10/12/18 Marketing:  Parents Workshop Booklet (to hand out to attendees)

10/12/18 Marketing:  Parents Workshop Schedule of Events and Emails

10/05/18 Marketing:  Little Tigers Buddy Bash ‘How To Guide’

10/05/18 Marketing:  Little Tigers Coloring Pages/Book

10/05/18 Personal Development:  What Makes Good Teachers Great? (in the Videos tab)

09/28/18 Webinar/Teleconference: How to Run a SCARY Good Halloween Party

09/28/18 Special Events: Halloween Party Poster and Flyers

09/28/18 Special Events: Step By Step Halloween Party Guide

09/21/18 Teaching:  Life Skills Manual (both English and Korean versions)

09/21/18 Marketing:  Stand Up to Bullying Emails (Version 2)

09/14/18  Webinar/Teleconference:   The Sales Concepts ALL Staff Members Need

09/14/18 Teaching: World Class Curricuum Belt Requirements / Timeframe Chart

09/14/18 Personal Development:  Positive Mental Attitude (in the Video tab)

09/07/18  Teaching:  World Class Curricuum Charts and Testing Applications

09/07/18 Marketing:  Facebook Ad Samples for Birthday Parties (Version 2)

09/07/18 Owners Materials:  Lifeskill Posters

08/31/18  Marketing:  Partners in Education / How Can We Help Your School Letter

08/31/18 Marketing:  Facebook Ad Samples for Kids or Little Tigers Classes

08/31/18 Marketing:  Back to School Open House Flyer with Invitation

08/24/18  Webinar/Teleconference:  World Class Kids can DRAMATICALLY Grow your School this Year

08/24/18  Seminar:  Martial Arts Business Mastery

08/24/18  Marketing:  Stand Up! Bully Prevention

08/17/18  Marketing:  Back to School Ads – Facebook, Google Ads

08/17/18  Marketing:  Back to School Email

08/17/18  Marketing:  Back to School Open House Poster and Flyer

08/10/18  Webinar/Teleconference:  Kick off the School Year with an Open House at your Dojang

08/10/18  Marketing:  Back to School Postcard

08/10/18  Marketing:  Facebook Ad Samples for Kids Classes (version 2)

08/03/18 Seminar:  0 – 100: How to Give Your Dojang a Score

08/03/18  Marketing:  Facebook Ad Samples for Women’s Fitness

07/27/18  Webinar/Teleconference:  NOW is the time to create a WIN-WIN relationship with your local elementary schools

07/27/18  Marketing:  Facebook Ad Samples for Little Tigers

07/20/18  Personal Development:  This is Why Will Smith Wants You to Fail Before You Succeed (in the Video tab)

07/20/18  Marketing:  Facebook Ad Samples for Back to School

07/20/18  Seminar:  지관 운영 – 자신의 한계를 설정하지 마라 by Master Woo Sup Kim (in the Korean tab)

07/13/18  Webinar/Teleconference:  Master Chris Berlow – Author, International Explorer and Successful Dojang Owner

07/13/18  Seminar:  이벤트 마케팅 – 적극성이 성패를 좌우한다 by Master Eun Soo Yoo (in the Korean tab)

07/13/18  Personal Development:  Everyday Leadership (in the Video tab)

07/06/18  Seminar:  How to Revamp the Culture in your School

07/06/18  Marketing:  Facebook Ad Samples for Kids Classes

06/21/18  Webinar/Teleconference:  Deep Dive on Event Booths

06/21/18  Marketing:  Facebook Ad Samples for Birthday Parties and Summer Camp

06/21/18  Personal Development:  Five Dysfunctions of a Team (in the Video tab)

06/15/18  Seminar:  The Latest and Greatest Internet Marketing

06/15/18  Special Events:  Tournament Ring Manager’s Checklist

06/15/18  Personal Development:  Why the Human Brain Can’t Multitask (in the Video tab)

06/08/18  Webinar/Teleconference:  Surveys = Service

06/08/18  Marketing:  Self Defense 101

06/08/18  Personal Development:  Ted Talk Video – Extreme Ownership (in the Video tab)

06/01/18  Marketing:  Family Month Summer Poster and Flyer

06/01/18  Personal Development:  Ted Talk Video – Why Good Leaders Make you Feel Safe (in the Video tab)

06/01/18  Summer Camp:  Additional Food, General, and Science Crafts added