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Kick off the School Year with an Open House at your Dojang

Hosting an Open House can be a great way to start off the school year. It provides you with an opportunity to welcome back your students from the summer and to get them focused on their training and their goals.

It can also be a valuable opportunity to encourage them to bring a friend to learn more about your Dojang, and to experience the incredible benefits that training in Tae Kwon Do can offer them.

On this webinar, I share strategies for promoting, running, and staffing your own Open House event.

Join me and gain ideas on all of the following areas:

  • How to promote your open house online with Facebook posts, ads, and EventBrite
  • Offline promotion including in-house announcements, posters, and direct mail
  • Ideas for open house activities and prizes
  • A discussion on the best offers to use and the importance of follow up

Regardless of your school size or your experience with this type of event, I’m sure you will gather some valuable tips.

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NOW is the time to create a WIN-WIN relationship with your local elementary schools

I have heard motivational speaker Tony Robbins say something to the effect that the quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life. It’s a powerful statement, but one I’m sure that you have experienced to be true.

After all, the quality of relationships you have with your family, your friends, your co-workers and your students is certainly one of your greatest sources of stress or happiness. However, I wonder if you have considered the importance of fostering, cultivating, and valuing the quality of relationship that you have with another vital group.

I’m talking about your local elementary schools, and on this webinar we review the keys to developing a WIN-WIN relationship with virtually ALL of the schools in your area.

How do I know this is possible? Because I’ve managed to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with dozens of schools in our community for over a decade.

In addition, I talk to several TKD Professionals who have created similar success in their area. Best of all, we have NOT all developed these relationships in the same way.

I promise this session provides you with multiple options to connect, develop credit with, and enhance the reputation you have with any school that you choose.

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Master Chris Berlow – Author, International Explorer and Successful Dojang Owner

I often talk about the fact that at TKD Professionals, we believe in “balanced success”, and maintaining a healthy life and work perspective is definitely at the core of that philosophy.
In fact, this webinar will cause you to examine that concept even further for yourself.
My guest is Master Chris Berlow, who truly “walks the talk” when it comes to continualy balancing  physical activity, meditation, reading, running his schools, and family time.
Here’s a list of just some of Master Berlow’s accomplishments:
  • Author of three books on a variety of topics including meditation, martial arts, and personal development
  • A business coaching consultant to numerous companies
  • Father of 5 children ages 18-24
  • Multi school owner
  • Owner of two commercial buildings
  • Master to several hundred students
  • Accomplished hiker, having gone to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa and Everest Base Camp in Nepal
Whew! He makes me feel like such a slacker 🙂
I am very honored that Master Berlow agreed to join us for this webinar, and I urge you not to miss this opportunity to hear me interview him live!

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Deep Dive on Event Booths

By now, I’m certain many of you have committed to run a promotional booth at a number of summer time events. Often times this requires an investment of extra marketing dollars, extra staff, and additional time on our already limited weekends and personal time.
I’m sure that you have also experienced that some booths result in a “home run” with dozens of new appointments to fill your appointment book, while others can leave you frustrated with the lack of results.
On this webinar, I review some of the key elements of a successful booth strategy. We also speak with TKD professionals members from around the country to hear exactly what’s working for them.
This will be a very practical call, that will be certain to give you some additional ideas to get the most out of your promotional booths.

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Surveys = Service

We have been working with a marketing agency over the past few months that strongly recommended that we give surveys a try. I estimated that out of 1500 households perhaps we would get 50 or so responses. The actual result…we received over four hundred and fifty! That was 450 opinions on everything from the friendliness of our front desk staff, and the knowledge of our instructors to the cleanliness of our facilities and the impact of our special events.
This wealth of information has a variety of benefits:
  • It gives us focus for our staff training…
  • It determines what areas of customer service we should prioritize first…
  • It gave us testimonials that we can re-use in our marketing…
  • It also highlighted in our students own words what they appreciate and value most about our program.
I’ll share my suggestions on how you can be implementing your own survey within a week, at little to no cost, while still getting the majority of the benefits!
I’ll explain the the process on our members only webinar and I’ll Include…
  • My recommendations for questions
  • My suggestion for an online tool to use
  • My philosophy for responding to negative survey responses
  • My strategy for getting the most out of the information that you receive
Summer is a great time to be working on the areas that you need to develop in your dojang! Learn how to survey your students so that you are working with a better plan!

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Summer Success Part 3

The weather is heating up (even here in Buffalo!). Are you and your team making sure that it’s going to be a “hot” summer at your dojang?

We have already covered a variety of special events and marketing activities in our first two summer webinars.

In part three, I finish up with the latest marketing ideas, as well as some all important strategies for summer retention. It’s vital that you have pre-determined plans in place to keep students motivated and training throughout the summer.

Plus, I give you some valuable ideas for massively upgrading your staff kills over the summer, and I explain why it’s one of the best times of the year to upgrade your team’s capabilities and camaraderie.

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Webinar Conference Follow Up and More Summer Marketing Ideas

We just finished an incredible weekend at the National Convention!

I have to say a huge “THANK YOU!” to everyone who made it possible including the sponsors, guest speakers, our own TKD Pro team, and of course, all of the attendees.

I was so honored to hear the great feedback about the event. Many people commented that it was the best convention yet, and I agree. The energy was at an all time high, the networking went on throughout the weekend, and I am positive that everyone developed new relationships that will be mutually beneficial.

I was also pleased that many attendees came up to me specifically to remark about the atmosphere and the “culture” of our convention. They noticed that we gathered together as martial artists and that we created an atmosphere of respect, courtesy, and appreciation for one another. This is something that we strongly believe in, and I am glad that so many of you feel the same way.

Whether you made it to the 2018 Convention or not, I know you will enjoy this webinar, as we recap some of the best ideas and most actionable items.

In addition, we continue our series on summer marketing with a few more tips and strategies to help keep the leads flowing throughout the summer vacation time.

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Summer Marketing Part 1

It’s been my experience that hosting fun, social, well thought out gatherings have a noticeably positive impact on student motivation, camaraderie, and “tribe building”. Plus, whether the events are targeted directly at recruiting new students or not, they impact your referrals, online reviews, and reputation.

That’s why on this teleconference, I’m going to discuss upcoming special events with TKD Pro members from around the country, during Part One of our series of summer marketing.

Since it’s only April (and there is STILL snow on the ground in Buffalo!), both you and I will have plenty of time to add, adjust, and upgrade your events based on the ideas you will be hearing.

Our motto has been, “there’s always something fun going on at World Class Tae Kwon Do” and this summer will be no different.

I’m excited to hear what our guests have to say and I’m sure you will be too.

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What Do GREAT Masters Do Differently? Part 2

We have always believed that the success of our dojangs began “on the mat” first, and in the words of my teacher Grandmaster Sun Ki Chong, that it was “not what we taught but how we taught” that allowed us to lead the Tae Kwon Do industry for the past several decades.

I am eager to share our “secrets” because I truly believe that the better Tae Kwon Do is taught around the nation, the greater the opportunity for all of us.

In it I will cover…

  • Who is truly responsible for student progress?
  • Is there such a thing as the “best” drills to motivate students?
  • Does class planning kill creativity and spontaneity?
  • What is the teaching technique that everyone knows but that few instructors have mastered?
  • How is it possible to develop staff while teaching students at the same time?

Join me for even more proven methods that will inspire you and your staff to teach better classes to more students who stay longer and LOVE your school.

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What Do GREAT Masters Do Differently?

Many school owners and instructors will ask how we grew to over 2,000 students. One of my most frequent answers is….it’s because of the way that we teach one student.

Of course that means that I’m referring to the enthusiasm, connection and care that we use to interact with each student in our schools. But I know that while people can easily understand that strategy, they want & need more specifics.

It’s not about marketing….but it will help your school to grow.

It’s not about selling…but it will provide you with strategies to make you stand out from your competition.

It is about teaching! It is about answering some of the most important questions that we as teachers face all the time. Questions like:

  • How can I create an energetic classroom while still demanding high quality performances?
  • What is the right way to deal with student misbehavior?
  • Is there a way to connect with low performing students to help them try harder?
  • How can I have less conflict and more cooperation with parents over their child’s progress and promotion?
  • How can I stay motivated to teach day after day?

I’ll address each of these topics, and give you real life stories and practical methods that will allow you and your staff to teach better, more meaningful, and more rewarding classes.

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Better Trial Lessons = More Students

Master Higgins and his business partner, Master Jae Cheol Yang have rocketed from 0-500 students in just three years and run one of the largest dojangs in Austin, Texas.

Listen in and learn the mindset and strategies that have made this incredible success possible!

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Reducing and Responding to Customer Service Challenges

With over 25 years of experience in running multiple schools with thousands of students, I’d like to believe that I have heard and seen it all when it comes to the conflicts that can come up.

Sometimes we were at fault, and we needed to change our thinking or process to better serve our students. Other times, there was a communication “gap” and the situation was able to be resolved with a sincere and honest conversation.

In every case, we continued to learn, revise, and improve.

I’m proud to say that our success has been based more on service than it has on sales, and I’d like to share our strategy with you. Join me for a live webinar training session where I will cover the philosophy behind our World Class Service system.

In addition to providing a framework that you can apply on a daily basis, I’ll also provide you with my proven responses to questions like:

  • Why isn’t my child testing this month?
  • Can you tell the instructors not to pair my child with that particular child?
  • Why wasn’t my child chosen for the demonstration team ?
  • Why can’t I just show up at the tournament and compete?
  • Can we take the summer off?

And more….

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Live Interview: TKD Business Mastery!

Master Scarsella is one of the most dynamic school owners in our industry. He took over a school with only 105 students, and grew it to over 450 students just three years later!

He was surrounded by competition, and yet he made his school stand out in his community through world class service, innovative marketing, and some incredibly creative special events.

Master Scarsella recently attended the Business Mastery Conference hosted by legendary performance coach and master motivator, Anthony Robbins. This is an intensive 5 day event with each day lasting 12+ hours!  It is also one of the highest priced training events in the country, and brings together some of the top business owners from around the world.

Listen in as Master Scarsella presents:

  • 80% of businesses fail within 3 years because of this….
  • Importance of State – Story – Strategy to lead to growth in your dojang
  • Understanding how people don’t buy services or products but they purchase identities and feelings
  • Creating a Raving Fan Culture NOT merely satisfied students and parents
  • Implementation is KING – society is accelerating and action/execution trumps knowledge/ideas every time
  • Social Media isn’t optional – it’s a must! But what should we post….?

Don’t miss this opportunity to listen to a leader who is leading by example!

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Interview with an Expert: Should you sell Month to Month Memberships?

On this call I’ll be joined my Master Jeremy Peters, who is the most senior member of our Buffalo TKD staff. Over the course of his nearly twenty year career, Master Peters has served as both an instructor or manager at four out of our five locations.

I asked Master Peters to share his thoughts on our new streamlined sales process, including the change to just a single trial lesson and the inclusion of a month-to-month membership option as one of our membership choices.

Master Peters will share his expertise on a variety of sales related topics including:

  • Is there such a thing as a sales personality?
  • What is the source of confidence in selling?
  • Are today’s parents different when it comes to how they choose a martial arts school?
  • What are the key elements of a successful trial lesson?
  • Can you offer MTM memberships and still gain long term commitments?
  • How to create greater teamwork at your dojang?

I’ve had the pleasure and honor of working with Master Peters for nearly two decades, and I’m excited to have him share his perspective, stories, and guidance with you!

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TKD Goal Setting Help for 2018

Are you excited for 2018?

Have you chosen meaningful personal and professional goals that will motivate and inspire you and your team? Would you like some help in making sure you succeed?

In this next webinar I’ll cover…

  • Why most people never achieve the goals they set and what to do about it.
  • The 5 step process you need to follow to create a more realistic game plan for achieving what you want.
  • How to get your staff onboard and excited about helping you to grow your school and their opportunities.
  • The ONE factor that truly makes the difference on whether or not you stick with your plan until you succeed.

Plus, I’ll provide specific systems and procedures we use in our own schools to perform at our best year after year.

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