Marketing Concepts/Campaign

Marketing Concepts

  • Zoom Call- How well do you know your students? [VIDEO] 1:12:51
  • Zoom Call- Holiday Marketing Campaign [VIDEO] 1:00:25 [PDF]


Back to School

  • How to connect with your local schools {VIDEO] 1:03:21
  • Interview with Somi Parks [VIDEO] 1:02:28
  • Zoom Call- Back to school Marketing Campaign with Master Michael Mertens [VIDEO] 1:03:39 [PDF]


Summer Campaign

  • Summer Success Marketing Interview with Master Matt Tracy [VIDEO] 1:05:10 [PDF]
  • Summer Marketing Blueprint Part 2: Interview with Master Matt Tracy [VIDEO] 39:29 [MS Word]

Top 10 Marketing Methods

Birthday Parties

  • Birthday Checklist:  Simple Version [PDF] | Detailed Version [PDF]
  • Procedures [PDF]
  • Results Tracker [PDF]
  • Zoom Call: Learn How to Run Birthday Parties [Video]


Bring a Friend

Elementary School Programs

Elementary School Programs
  • How I work with 18 local schools by Master Somi Parks [Video] [PDF]
  • How to connect with your local schools (Updated for COVID-19 Pandemic) [Video] Handout [PDF]
  • 5 Ways you can TEACH in your local Elementary schools [Video]
  • NOW is the time to create a WIN-WIN relationship with your local elementary schools [Webinar] [Audio Only MP3] 
  • How to develop a  win-win relationship with your local elementary schools [Audio Only MP3] 

Family Add-On

Summer Family Month Special

Holiday Family Month Offer 


Facebook Posts

Little Tigers Buddy Bash

PTO/PTA Fundraisers

World Class Kids

Additional Marketing Tools

All Star Phys Ed Program

Back to School

Bully Prevention

Community Involvement

  • Zoom Call: Lifeskill Leadership in Action [Video]
  • Lifeskill Leadership in Action 5k Presentation [PDF]
  • Scholarship Presentation [PDF]
  • Scholarship Application [PDF]
  • Scholarship Grading Rubric [PDF]
  • Community Service Corps [PDF]


Day Care


Grand Opening

Holiday Mailer

Lawn Signs

Parents Workshop



Self Defense 101

Show and Tell


Note: All towns have their own rules regarding temporary signage and you will want to check with your city regarding any rules and required permits before placing signs out.

Summer Special

Super Saturdays

Teachers Gift Certificate

Testimonial Contest


  • Adult Woman Testimonial Process [PDF]
  • Adult Man Testimonial Process [PDF]